Thursday, July 7, 2016

Community Policing and supporting the 2nd Amendment

Walking the beat in East Camden, Officers Nubia Bowen and Luis Gonzalez.
A way to bridge the gap between law enforcement (LE) and violent urban communities.

Bottom Line Up Front: This program will build a relationship between law enforcement and the local community. It will empower the citizens of the local community by allowing them to defend themselves against criminal elements and everyone will have a sense of pride and some ownership in improving their community.

STEP 1: Re-arming the populace

1.  Fed up, the city votes to allow anyone who has a non-violent drug offense to legally obtain firearms. (Much like “sanctuary cities” this will not trump federal law. The District Attorney, Police Chief and mayor vow they will not prosecute within the boundary of the city)
2.  Understanding that the expense of buying a firearm would prohibitive to most a program is started by the police department. With grants and support from the NRA any citizen who completes a firearms course and X amount of community service will have "bought" a firearm. After meeting the requirements the police department will give them a weapon that had been donated.
3. There will be separate classes and community service requirements for shotgun, pistol, rifle and the most man hour intensive requirements will allow them to receive a concealed carry permit for the city.
a.       8 hours training and 15 hours CS = shotgun
b.       12 hours training and 30 hours CS = pistol
c.       15 hours training and 35 hours CS = rifle
d.       20 hours training and 50 hours CS = concealed carry permit

Note: Community service hours are not cumulative. For each new class they start at 0.
Note: Community Service projects will be identified by leaders within the community and prioritized. The only requirement is that the CS has to benefit the entire community. Painting over graffiti, picking up trash, helping families in need etc.

STEP 2: Training & community service

1. The police departments within the city will get as many officers certified NRA firearms instructors
2. LE will conduct training classes in their respective districts. Requirement of 1 instructor for every 2 students.

Note: Instructors will not be in uniform or wear body armor. A T-shirt or jacket with “instructor” on it will identify them.
3. Every LE officer (from the Chief all the way down to the newest recruit) will be required to spend a few of their hours each week participating in CS projects.
4. LE officers will conduct firearms safety programs in the local elementary and junior high schools. Programs similar to the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program”.

This program would force the LE officers out of their cars and back in to their communities. It would open lines of communications and “humanize” each other. Instead of looking and only seeing “5-Oh” or “gang-banger”, they see “Frank”, “George” or “Martin”. It forces people to start seeing people.